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Knee Freezie Wrap

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The Knee Freezie Wrap®

The Knee Freezie Wrap® is designed with every detail in mind to give you a safe, effective and comfortable therapeutic experience. The Knee Freezie Wrap®:

Knee Freezie Wrap with 3 gel packs.
  • Gives you targeted pain relief naturally, without medicating your whole body and potentially harming your organs.

  • Calms your inflammation and swelling while minimizing tissue damage.

  • Stay-soft gel surrounds your sore knee without causing discomfort or pain like frozen packs and ice.

  • Is conveniently portable for use court side or on the sidelines when stored in a cooler.

  • Is made of stretchable neoprene with velcro closures for adjustable compression that YOU control.

It's Not Just Your Everyday Cold Compression Wrap!

The ColdCure Technology® Advantage

For years, doctors, trainers, and other medical professionals have recommended RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to treat the pain and swelling of fresh injuries and chronic pain.

No Cryoburn with ColdCure Technology fridge charged gel packs.

Although RICE can help to treat these symptoms, ice and freezer gel packs reach temperatures so low they can cause cryoburn, an ice burn on your skin. The problem is, up until now there hasn’t been another option to treat painful conditions and injuries, so ice and freezer gel packs have been the only choice.

Fortunately, you no longer have to settle for these ice cold methods that are uncomfortably cold against your skin, provide short term relief, cause ice burns, and numb your skin and underlying tissue beyond feeling so you don’t even notice the ice burn until it's too late. This is the ColdCure Technology® Advantage.

Knee Freezie Wrap ColdCure difference.

The new recommended cold therapy treatment is RCCE® - Rest, Cold, Compression, Elevation.

You don't need icy cold temperatures to treat your pain and swelling - in fact you shouldn't use icy cold. You only need a few degrees colder than your normal body temperature to get effective cooling relief. Not only does ColdCure Technology® make your treatment safe, it is more effective because you can treat yourself for longer time periods. That means more pain relief, less swelling and less healing time required!

Freezie Wrap® gel packs are the only gel packs that are super charged in the fridge for a longer, safe treatment that is so much more effective than freezer gel packs, bags of frozen vegetables or ice. Every Knee Freezie Wrap® comes complete with 3 gel packs so you can have one charging in the fridge for on-going cold compression therapy!

ColdCure Technology® represents a massive step forward from RICE to RCCE® - and that step is much greater than most people realize. The difference between putting any other ice pack on your injury versus a Knee Freezie Wrap® is obvious as soon as you put it on. You will feel the incredible therapeutic cooling power and it won't sting or damage your skin.

How do the Gel Packs Charge in the Fridge?

The Freezie Wrap® gel pack is filled with more gel than any other pack out there. The massive amount of gel inside each pack holds the cold at a safe temperature allowing you to treat your meniscus tear, ACL sprain or tear, jumper's knee, Hoffa's syndrome, patellar bursitis, or other knee pain in a safe, comfortable way for a longer period of time.

Knee Freezie Wrap - built for long lasting cold and comfortable compression.

ColdCure Techonology® gel packs that charge in the fridge are so safe, you can apply pain relieving cold compression to your sore knee for 30 minutes at a time (or longer if you don't want to take it off). That's twice as long as recommended for any freezer pack or ice treatment and the results speak for themselves. You get better pain relief, better control of the inflammation and all of this adds up to you getting better faster.

Soft, Non-Migrating Gel

The gel inside each pack is a special non-migrating gel that is soft to the touch. This means that the gel stays in place around your knee when pressure is applied and does not flow away to other parts of the wrap. This is very important because you want the pressure on the affected area AND the cold there too. You also want it to be soft and comfortable because the area is sore.

With our specially formulated non-migrating soft gel, you get it all! The Knee Freezie Wrap® will fit easily around your knee and give you an even distribution of cooling power and 100% effective cold compression treatment.

What Does it Treat?

The Knee Freezie Wrap® treats the pain, swelling and inflammation of:

The Knee Freezie Wrap treats your pain and inflammation fast.
  • ACL, MCL tear or other ligament injury
  • meniscus tear
  • knee surgery
  • runner's knee
  • jumper's knee
  • cycling knee injury
  • bursitis
  • repetitive strain/stress injury
  • Hoffa's syndrome
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • patellar tendonitis
  • knee strain
  • patella chondromalacia
  • gout
  • twisted knee
  • Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)
  • patellar fracture or dislocation
  • chronic knee pain

"I have used the complete kit [Knee Freezie Wrap, MendMeShop Ultrasound, Knee Inferno Wrap], alternating the treatments as your information advised. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. For over a month, I could not get up out of my chair without assistance and I thought my knee was never going to heal. I have used the kit for 9 full days and I am able to get up by myself."

- Rebecca Geoffrion, TN

MendMeShop® - Our Reputation Speaks for Itself!

At MendMeShop® we offer only the premium quality healthcare products that work, because we want you to feel better. Our business is built on our reputation and we want you to be as satisfied with your MendMeShop® experience as tens of thousands of our customers are. That is what your purchase from MendMeShop® will be - an experience. Not only do we supply superior products, MendMeShop® Specialists are available to help you get the right products and treatment advice.

Complimentary product and treatment advice throughout your therapy!
An exclusive service, only available to MendMeShop® customers.

You will also have the peace of mind with our 60 day trial period and automatic 1 year warranty. We know making a decision to find the right pain relief and healing products for you can be difficult, especially on-line, and we don't want you to worry. With every product, you have our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or you get your money back. That's how much we believe in the products we sell!

As a MendMeShop® customer you can be confident in your purchase because we offer:

  1. Superior products that have been carefully researched and developed to stop your pain naturally and heal you faster.
  2. Trained MendMeShop® Product and Treatment Specialists available 7 days a week for individualized treatment advice - just call 1-866-237-9608 within Continental North America (+1-705-445-3505 internationally).
  3. Our iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Freezie Wrap® just send it back for a refund - with no re-stocking fees.
  4. Automatic 1 year replacement warranty against defects.
  5. Optional 5 year extended warranty on your entire purchase.
  6. Payment plan (3 easy payments) with no credit approval necessary to get you your Freezie Wrap® faster.

Get your Knee Freezie Wrap® and calm your pain now!

Our customers love the quick, natural pain relief and you will too.

Find out more about the Knee Freezie Wrap® and ColdCure Technology® Technology by calling our Customer Advisors toll free within Continental North America at 1-866-237-9608, +1-705-445-3505 internationally, or email

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